Photograph Restoration

Do you have old photographs at home in need of some restoration? Many restoration services require the original photograph to be sent away, a very trusting exercise! When the restoration is done you can come and pick up the print – and of course if you want to get your

Ready Made 5


Ready Made Frames Galore.  Come in and see our wide and varied range of ready made frames from 5″ x 5″ square frames up to 32″ x 40″ (815mm x 1015mm) rectangle frames.  Frames fit standard photograph and artwork sizes.  Our frames are made on the premises – with care

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Vanda Hudson

Vanda lives in Teneriffe, Brisbane. Her immediate environment is the urban landscape which has become her subject matter in one form or another over many years. Previously a secondary school art teacher, her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas. She has participated in a variety of group and solo exhibitions.