Lars Vester

As an artist, I’m fascinated by the way nature can be brought to life by light and weather–as if it’s trying to tell us a story.

In a sense, I see my role to be more of a storyteller, speaking on behalf of nature, than merely a painter.

Through my work, I try to capture those ‘You just had to be there’ moments that Mother Nature sometimes create, and aim to connect viewers to the everyday subjects around us that we often overlook.

I am forever chasing that magical light that so rarely presents itself, and when it does, usually only last for a very short period. When I eventually find it, it forms the basis for a new piece of work.

I prefer to work in a loose style, while creating a harmonious marriage between illusion and reality. I usually achieve this by infusing my work with a sense of mystery and intrigue, creating atmosphere and depth through dramatic foreground textures that transition into softer focal points.

My latest work has been inspired by my local area, and is themed ‘West End in a Different Light’. This series focusses on the beauty that is right before our eyes every day, but perhaps we never stop to view and admire.

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